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It's alright. While the concept is entertaining and the mechanics are implemented adequately, yhe game is still riddled with small glitches that severely detract from the game's overall appeal.
First and foremost, blocks will sometimes move as you land on them and, as a result, you will fall to your death.
If you come to a complete stop after walking, it is very difficult to accelerate again on the ground.
Sometimes your "rocket jump" counter isn't refilled when you land.
The "Strollin" guage once didn't deplete once activated.
Also, it feels like the game "plays itself." As 99% of the game is spent at great altitudes, it is really just chance which block you land on. Even if you were to see spiked blocks the instant they came on screen, you still would not have enough time to avoid them. That coupled with the "Strollin" and "Nyan Cat" creates a game almost non-reliant on user input.
Well, you get the point. I will say that this game has entertaining visuals and the inclusion of internet memes was interesting.

"Based on Sony's Od of War series."

That's when I lost it. XD

Haha, how fun!

Amazing game and great visuals! It was a lot of fun!

Very intriguing and deep.

I was hooked on the story. One thing, though, you should separate the "jump" and the "glide" buttons. If you want to glide afterwards, you need to do a full-height jump. I can't count the number of times this messed me up.

A071 won't work for me...

otherwise, awesome game.

I agree with everything "casul" said.

Zero progression from the original. Also, what's up with Winter Chimney? In the video walkthrough it showed a ball breaking the ice stack and killing the two ladies. For me, it breaks the ice and just sits there. I've actually got all 3 balls in there with one swing and...wait, victory fanfare? *looks up* OMFG after 6 minutes of doing nothing the ladies die and I win...somehow. Maybe a ball slowly rolled into her, I don't know, but it's just a testament to the "random" factor casul stated below.

It's good.

But difficult to stick with. I made myself keep playing after around level 15. I'm at level 24 now and I think I'll stop. I gotta say, this was an excellent concept and it was very well executed graphically and as far as programming goes, but it's lacking a certain playability. There were two bugs I found; sometimes a green arrow will "dissapear" when you remove it and put it in the box. I had 4 green arrows, then I had 3 green arrows and 1 nothing; there was another "invisible" item I had one of and couldn't use. Another time the green arrow just went away completely. Resetting fixed both.

Anyone else find this game f****** impossible?

One eye-lazor can kill you at full health and the controls are sloppy. I've never got more than 150 XP.

OK, this was clearly a joke upload...

...so I will treat it as such.

This was a terrible joke...

TheBlueberryHill responds:

It was not!

Lol, I like it!

Not that this matters at all, but isn't it a little frilly? Powder pink, curly text. Whatever, this is a great re-creation!

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