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I gotta say, I didn't think I'd like it at first..

But this looks really good! The choice of music was great, the animation was smooth and spot-on, and the effects (such as Kamehameha, SS3 aura, sound clips, etc.) were implimented perfectly! I'm really looking forward to the movie, bro. :)


What's with all this negative criticism? I'm not a "god person" either, but I found this beautiful, poetic, emotional, and deeply profound. While I don't agree with the message, this still contains fascinating and poignant insight into the human psyche. Besides that, take a look at the art! It's so rich with analogies! The perspetive choices, the color choices, the subtle camera movements, the perfectly placed shadows, everything screams heart and emotion!
I don't agree with the message; however, I can respect and enjoy this artistic piece.

nahtanojmal responds:

Thank you ;)
I give you 5/5 :D

Awesome flash!

The charming animation and the superior voice acting make this thing a timeless classic. It's just as funny now as it was in 2003!
Fantastic work, bro!

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It's alright. While the concept is entertaining and the mechanics are implemented adequately, yhe game is still riddled with small glitches that severely detract from the game's overall appeal.
First and foremost, blocks will sometimes move as you land on them and, as a result, you will fall to your death.
If you come to a complete stop after walking, it is very difficult to accelerate again on the ground.
Sometimes your "rocket jump" counter isn't refilled when you land.
The "Strollin" guage once didn't deplete once activated.
Also, it feels like the game "plays itself." As 99% of the game is spent at great altitudes, it is really just chance which block you land on. Even if you were to see spiked blocks the instant they came on screen, you still would not have enough time to avoid them. That coupled with the "Strollin" and "Nyan Cat" creates a game almost non-reliant on user input.
Well, you get the point. I will say that this game has entertaining visuals and the inclusion of internet memes was interesting.

"Based on Sony's Od of War series."

That's when I lost it. XD

Haha, how fun!

Amazing game and great visuals! It was a lot of fun!

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It's nice, but it definitely needs some type of refrain. You know, something catchy with full-bodied harmonies and a different beat than the rest of the song. Maybe take the beat from the industrial to something slightly more idyllic or dream-like; like the lonely feeling of a strong light relfecting off rusted metal.
Just some thoughts; I'm excited to hear the full version. :)

Phyrnna responds:

The full version certainly does have a refrain. ;)

Hey, I remember this!

This is one of the pieces I put in Brawl when I hacked it.
Top-notch work, bro. :)

ATProductions responds:

WOW! Now that's great! Thank you so much for your kindness!


This is awesome. It's got a great wintery feel with a quick beat, I love it. I only have one suggestion; maybe try and emphasize the harmony between "instruments" throughout the song that same way you did from 1:34-1:55. That was freakin' cool. :D

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks. I really appreciate the love.



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